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Are Safelist and Mailer member sites Legitimate or Scams?

For the most part I have had marginal success overall with the sites I have used. Unfortunately, viral mailer and safelist scripts are easy to get, thus, many membership sites popup and vanish quickly after high pressure tactics for lifetime upgrades.

About 10% of all the sites I have used are now gone, changed owners, or have updated software, resulting in loss of data for most of the members of those sites. Meaning, anyone that paid up front for use, no longer has access or use as stated when memberships were purchased.  I have many hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars in the defunct or inept memberships, along with many hours of viewing ads for credits. I hope to help you avoid such losses in your search for success.

However, most offer free access and allow members to use the mailer by viewing other email ads and clicking on links to earn mailing credits, similar to traffic exchange sites (TE).  Some sites will sell credits instead of requiring clicks on ads, or include credits as part of a subscription plan.

Be aware of who owns, operates, or administers the membership sites. If you are unsure, I suggest sticking with the free version of the site. My experience shows this will be the best way to avoid spending money on inaccessible services, and saving it to use where it can work for you instead.

My conclusion is most are legitimate, in the beginning, but be aware of any admin or owner changes, and contact them immediately of any issues you are experiencing.

In a future article I will review some of the mailer sites I have successfully used in my own promotions, along with any outstanding operators of those sites. I hope I can help you avoid the same mistakes I have made and be a bigger success as a result!

Thank you,

Micheal B

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